To move and live in a foreign country is a challenge, the language and the culture requires one to adapt. We tend to think, hope, that our issues will stay back home but in fact they travel with us…

There are many reasons to meet a therapist, some may be linked to the expatriation, some are more universal, from short term struggles to long standing issues tant run deep :

 Stress and anxiety, couple issues,coping with a new baby, sexuality, past trauma, depression, addiction,divorce, low self esteem, etc etc

The aim of a therapy is a wellness with one self and others. It is self exploratory, and may be led at any age, to rediscover one self. It matters to live a meaningful life.

I have been a professionnal Psychoanalyst for almost 20 years, but i also happen to have lived abroad for many years myself. 

So if you want to know more about the way i work, and are interested in talking in your mother tong,  just click on the flag on the right Bottom of this page .